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Our Eco-Friendly promise

Our Eco-Friendly promise

💚 NON-TOXIC FABRIC: created from a reusable PUL fabric, which is BPA-free, PVC-free, vinyl-free, phthalate-free and lead-free

💚 LESS MESS: there is a deep and a wide catch-all pocket for food and drinks that miss your little one’s mouth, therefore less stains on the clothes meaning less laundry, thus saving water and energy.

💚 EASY TO CLEAN: our quick dry and easy-wipe material that is water and odor resistant means there’s no need to have a large number of bibs that need constant washing. Meal-time is now made easier, either hand wash, clean with a wipe or use a machine wash. So easy to clean and dry in 15 min!

💚 SLOW CONSUMING: adjustable velcro enables to use the bib even if your baby grows. The material is so durable, that it could be even passed on to younger siblings or other baby friends, thus extending the use of the product.

💚 LESS PACKAGING: we are keeping packaging to a minimum to eliminate waste. Please use the Gift Wrap option on Amazon, in case you’re purchasing it as a gift.

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