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Frequently asked questions

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The delivery time will be different depending on country, but as a rule it is 2-6 working days from the placement of your order.

Please be aware that your order can be affected by the current COVID-19 situation.

Choosing the right bib for your little one depends on his/her individual eating style and their age/size. Some are delicate eaters that only need a bib to catch a stray drop of food, while others dive into their meals and need full arm-length coverage. That being said, we make a variety of bibs designed to fit little eaters from about 3 months old to around 7 years old. Check out the features of each one and see which one will work best. The measurements for each bib are also listed on its product page, so make sure to reference those, especially if your kiddo runs bigger or smaller than average.

Be sure to check out our convenient bib comparison page to easily learn about each size.

Care instructions are listed on the product pages on our website. The bibs should be washed under every meal, make sure the pocket folded outwards. It is easy to wash the bibs by hand under warm running water to fully ensure all food is washed out. Wash off any excess food under warm running water, add washing-up liquid onto any stains and rub, once fully cleaned, rinse the bib thoroughly in clean water. This will ensure it is clean and sterile for the next use. Most of our products can be washed in a washing machine on low temperature setting as well. All products need to hang dry, do not put them in a dryer. The products dry very fast, within about 15 min.

Tickleton bibs are made of PUL fabric, PUL stands for Polyurethane Laminate. Polyester fabric is bonded with a very thin layer of polyurethane film to the reverse in order to make the bibs waterproof. Polyester is preferred to cotton because it is difficult to have a really water-resistant product using cotton. The resulting PUL fabric is softer, more pliable and flexible, hardwearing and more green, making it PVC free, vinyl free, phthalate free and lead free and exceeding the CPSIA compliance requirements.

PUL fabric combines the softness and lightness of cotton bibs with waterproof qualities of silicone bibs. PUL fabric is best for items where there is a need to create a barrier for wetness, such as cloth diapers, bibs, wet bags, etc.

Absolutely yes! In fact many customers tell us their baby will not wear any other bib except Tickleton bibs. This is because they are so soft, lightweight and cute all over, the bibs provide great cover for your child’s body and neck size is adjustable thanks to the velcro closure. Being very flexible, it allows the baby to mover around comfortably and safely to reach food.

Most customers find their Tickleton products last around three years and some up to seven years, offering excellent long term value and making them reusable and more eco-friendly. The better the products are cared for the longer they will last!

As all parents know … accidents happen. We will happily replace a defective product. Please complete our contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


No, not at this time. However do offer this service and you can buy our product from Amazon


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Yes! When you sign up for our email newsletter list, you will get a unique, one-time code for 10% off your first purchase. Sign up here!