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10 tips for Baby Weaning

10 tips for Baby Weaning

  1. Wait until 6 months before introducing solids (unless advised by the pediatrician): baby’s digestive system needs to develop in order to start processing solid food. They also need to be able to sit up 

  2. Start with 1 meal a day, introducing 1 new food at a time: starting from soft pureed or smashed fruit and vegetable (like bananas, avocados etc). This is to detect any allergic reaction.


  3. If you start giving purees, give your baby a spoon as well: this is to start teaching them how to feed themselves


  4. You can also try Baby Led Weaning (BLW) approach: the baby needs to be able to grab food with its fingers though (this happens around 8 months). You can also try a combination of purees and BLW. 


  5. Babies don’t need teeth to eat solids: instead, they mash the food with their gums.


  6. Try giving solids first and let them play with food, to get used to it, and nurse or give formula after. Slowly start reducing nursing or bottle feeding. 


  7. They might not like the new food at first: it takes time to get used to new tastes and textures. Just offer food and the baby will eat when ready. They might also go off food when they’re teething or are unwell.


  8. Start offering meat and dairy food at about 8 months: babies digestive system is more developed, also they are able to grab food now, so you can cut food into small slices and offer finger food.


  9. Make sure you always stay close to baby as she eats: sometimes they can start gagging, as they are learning. Don’t freak out, most of the time they figure it out themselves and push or vomit the food out. 


  10. Don’t worry about the mess: use Tickleton’s soft and light waterproof bibs to keep mess to a minimum. Sleeveless bibs are easiest to put on, but long sleeved bibs provide more coverage. You can also use a splat mat underneath the feeding chair. 

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