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How to choose the best baby bibs?

How to choose the best baby bibs?

Your baby is starting to discover the wonderful world of food is a lot of fun, but extremely messy time. Bibs are there to help you keep the babies cute outfits clean, but there are a few things to consider when choosing one. 

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Probably the first bibs you were using during drooling phase and you’re most familiar with are the cotton bibs. These are made of natural materials and are very soft and might work well when you’re spoon-feeding your baby. But once your child starts trying to feed himself / herself, chances are that not everything reaches their mouths and it gets much more messy. Cotton is good for absorbing liquids, but not everything comes out in the wash, also it might stain the clothes underneath. Some cotton bibs come with a waterproof layer, but over time some small food bits might start accumulating between the cotton and waterproof layer, and can develop mould. You also need to have a lot of these bibs, as they’re likely to get dirty with every meal time, so you’ll need a new one for every meal. That means also more washing and over time they will also fade and lose colour. They do come in different cute prints and while being cheap, you’ll need a lot of them!

Other widely used feeding bibs are the ones made of silicone. While these hold strong, they are quite heavy, and many babies don’t enjoy keeping them on. They might also rub against the neck of your baby, causing rashes or scars. On the positive note, you’ll probably only need couple of them, as they are very easy to wipe clean and don’t lose color over time. They usually also come with pockets to catch crumbs and liquids the baby misses, making the mealtimes less messy. They have adjustable neck bands, making them last longer as the baby grows. They are however quite heavy and take up a lot of space in your baby bag if you’re going out. Also, they have limited coverage for torso and shoulders.

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Plastic bibs are also waterproof and are easy to wipe, however they are quite tricky to wash. As they’re usually made of 2 layers, the soap and water tend to stay between the layers that’s very hard to get out. While being flexible, these are not very soft. They do provide good coverage and many of them also have pockets to catch crumbs.

Polyester bibs are lightweight and soft so most babies even don’t notice them on. They are very easy to clean after every meal, so you can get by with only a few of them. Many of them, like our ones, also come with a pocket that catches whatever your baby misses and the waterproof material keeps your babies outfits clean. Being very light, it is also easy to keep one in your baby bag and take along when going out. They are usually larger, so cover babies shoulders and torso nicely, so in addition to meal times, these can be used for arts & craft times as well. Adjustable neck band ensures these bibs can be used for a long time. These come in different cute patterns and colors that don’t fade out in the wash, making them not only very practical, but also very fashionable.

Good thing is that bibs are usually not that expensive and you can experiment with a new different type to find your favourite.   We have 3 kids and have tried them all, so if you want to save yourself from frustration and loss of time you can try our polyester bibs out first!

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