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How to choose a stroller organiser caddy?

How to choose a stroller organiser caddy?

It’s good to get out of the house with your baby and get fresh air for the both of you. When you’re out and about pushing the stroller, it can be quite challenging and frustrating to keep everything you need within arm’s reach. There are many strollers that don’t come with a space to put your belongings within easy reach. And those strollers that do, can have a limited space, or it’s hard to make it work with your items.

A stroller organizer provides an excellent and easy solution to add extra storage and keep you going for longer. It saves you time and frustration, making it a great asset for a busy parent. This is also a safe way to improve your outdoor experience, as the stroller organizer doesn’t impact the safety of the stroller or the baby. With many options available, how to choose a caddy organizer for your stroller? 

Non-slip straps 

Most common problem with the stroller organizers is that it might start slipping down the stroller frame. Therefore, if a stroller organizer has only Velcro straps, with no hook closure, it is more likely to start falling down. Our stroller organizer comes with metal loops that ensures a tight fit for the organizer.  

Optimum storage 

Have a think you many items you would need to take with you when going out with your baby. The more things you need, the bigger organizer you need. The bigger the organizer, the bulkier it is, and you might be better off taking a whole diaper bag with you. Our stroller organizer has a compact sleek design for taking only the essentials with you, like a few diapers, wipes, 2 drinks, some toys, keys, wallet, phone. There is a detachable wristlet to take your valuables with you in case you need to step away from your stroller for a bit.  


If you like to keep your cool drinks cool and warm drinks warm, you will benefit from stroller organizer with insulation. The neoprene material, that our stroller caddy is made of, acts as a minor insulator too! 

Strollers with sleeping position 

In case your stroller goes into sleeping position, our stroller organizer is not going to be on the way and fits well in sleeping position, as it is not too bulky. 

Strollers with tray 

Some strollers come with tray on the handlebars. Bigger stroller bags cannot fit underneath the trays. Our bag is designed in a way that it also fits to strollers with tray, although not as a full drinks’ holder, but as a storage caddy. 

Leave in on the stroller 

Do you want the hassle of taking the stroller organizer on and off the stroller? Most stroller organizers have to be taken off when folding the stroller down. Our one however is made of very flexible and durable material, so you can always leave it on the stroller.  

Low maintenance 

When walking outside, it can happen that the drinks spill or the organizer gets dirty. Our stroller caddy is made of water-resistant material that is very easy to clean. And in case there are still stains after wiping it down, you can also put it in a washing machine and wash with up to 30 degrees. Make sure to hang it up to dry though as it cannot be put in the dryer.

Neoprene material 

Make sure to check the material of the caddy, based on the climate where you live in. Some stroller bags are made of materials that fade in the sunshine, or crack during frost. Our bags are made of sturdy neoprene material that fits to any climate – it dries quick in the rain, does not fade in the sun or crack in the snow. 

Other uses

Suitable to attach also to pet strollers, portable children trolleys, walkers and watersport equipment (kayak, boat, canoe etc). So in case you fall in love with the stroller caddy, you can find different ways of using it even if your child has grown out of the stroller!

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